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Rudra Events is a team of people filled with zeal and passion. From wedding events to birthday
parties to annual functions, promotions, and conferences, your onetime solution Rudra events.
Each and every client is treated with equal importance, and their ideas and requirements are
given proper value so that the clients can completely depend on the service thus provided. Our
team will cater to all your needs no matter how minor it is. Rudra Events always deliver a
high standard of quality and value for money to our customers.

Our Events

Theme parties and events

If you believe in magnificence and glorious events Rudra Events are there for you. Rudra
Events believe in cultured and refined style and innovative results.We make your party or
event unforgettable and give you an experience to treasure till eternity.Theme weddings are in
vogue these days. A thoughtful theme and implementation of the perfect planning of the wedding
makes it a memorable affair for the guests. A theme can be as simple as holding hands and as
complex as a daughter leaving behind her father’s home. Rudra Events have a variety of themes
and decorations that assures to astonish and mesmerize your guests. 

Wedding Events

Wedding is the most momentous and cherished moment of life.Itis a ceremony that binds not only
two peolple but there families, communities and religion together for lifetime in an
everlasting bond.Wedding ceremony show a great divergence between cultures, religion and
rituals.A wedding primarily involves mutual exchange of wedding vows between the Bride and the
Groom, bestowal of gifts, exchange of rings, flowers or articles of use.

We at Rudra Events are inclined to give a personal touch to the wedding and try to make it
unforgettable for your loved ones. We aspire to make it the ideal and perfect day for the
couple as we know that no relationship is more beautiful,affectionate and alluring than a good
marriage.Marriges are made in heaven and we at Rudra Events make sure that each guest is shown
a tinge of heaven with and by the very best professionals.

Annual Functions

A stupendous and prosperous function is every school's aim. From the venue selection to
organizing banners, light, music etc. We,Rudra Events take care of every need.We promise to
make the experience of all the students and guest magical and entrancing.
A successful planning of an event propound a thrilling as well as a challenging venture at the
same time.Rudra Events propunds a fruitfull resolution to all the difficulties or
complications being faced while organising the same.We serve as a prominent organiser for
annual functions or events.Coherent forte of work incoperated with pristine running of the
event exhibits us one of the successful organisers in Varanasi.Rudra Events have a proper
balance and coordination within all its departments along with a stern regime that help us to
succeed in orchestrating the function or event.The decorum of doing the work,tremendous
communication and operating with customers has promptly publicized us throughout Varanasi.

Brand Promotion and Celebrity Management

We at Rudra Events offer various promotional activites and programmes at a very affordable
price. We coordinate with celebrities and organize the same for the promotion if required.We
have the best team of people who are dedicated, patient, focused and experienced to take care
of any type of promotions. We hire professionals with expertise in there respective field and
present you with delicious and exquisite food, splendid decoration and remarkable hospitality
will leave you tongue tied.Our evevnts are vibrant and spirited. Do not forget to take a peek
of our work.We offer the proficiency in celebrity management, promotions by celebrities,
appearances,and performances at events.We tackle the arrangements of various celebrites from
Bollywood and Television industry, Sport stars,Models, Emcees and various famous
personalities.We at Rudra Events propounds a variation of entertainment to make the
event/ceremony precisely according to your fantasy and will try to fit into your resources and

Destination Wedding

Destination weddings require special attention and planning know how to differ from
conventional wedding planning.At Rudra Events the wedding of each customer is respected and their
specific requirements are valued individually.Having a wedding away from your home town is
unique and something we want our guests to always remember. It is ideal for couples who like to
keep things intimate and personal, and want only their closest friends and family to attend
the event. Right from choosing the wedding destination, taking a recce trip to familiarize
yourself with the climate and ambience to giving you an idea through live sampling, deciding
upon the hotels and finalizing the wedding package, we will be there with you. We will help you in deciding the venue whether you want your wedding on a boat or at any of the ghats in Varanasi,we will help you in choosing the best.We will also take care of suppliers, designing,decoration, DJ etc.You can trust upon us to guide and assist you at every step.

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